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Hello and Welcome to the Applied Abilities family! At Applied Abilities, our vision is to reduce the impact of isolation that people with disabilities may experience. We are able to do this, through creating meaningful and real world opportunities for our participants. 

Employment Support  |  School Leaver Employment Support  |  Youth Group Activities  |  Social and Community  |  Adult Group Activities

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Employment Support
All Ages


Applied Abilities actively look for opportunities that complement and support your existing strengths and capabilities. This may include paid, or volunteer, work experience.

Some of the other employment services we offer include:

  • resume creation

  • cover letters

  • employment coaching

  • on-the-job support

  • employer engagement

  • participant/employer negotiation

  • long-term employment support

School Leaver Employment Support
(SLES) 16 - 22

SLES is an NDIS service designed to help youth aged 16 - 22 years old to get ready for work.


The purpose of the SLES  program is to build your youths confidence and skill set to successfully transition into employment or education. This DOES look different for every single person.  No one size fits all.  Applied abilities is able to tailor a program of support for your individual youth.

To give the youths a framework to work with your youth is able to access "Becoming a Worker". "Becoming a Worker" is a QLD based online platform, that provides youth with fundamental building blocks, to build their capacity to find and maintain work. Furthermore, we can assist our youth in learning "life skills", for instance, how to create a personal budget, how to make a simple snack and time management.

Cafe Owners
Bowling In Wheelchair
Youth Group Activities 
12 - 18  

Activities are currently run throughout SEQ . We run youth groups activities on the weekends, as well as on school holidays.​

On a Friday night, our aim is to bring 15 - 18-year-old youths together from all over SEQ with a central meeting point in and around Brisbane. The aim of this fortnightly activity is to have their world open to more friendships than just their school friends, which will help them to look outside of their inner circle to meet others.

On Saturdays, we gather our 12 - 18-year-olds stomp around SEQ looking for fun things to do!


Link for Calendar

Social & Community Engagement and In Home Support

We are super excited to offer social and community engagement.

Whether that is meeting up with friends, engaging in community activities, going to the gym or swimming, arts and crafts

second-hand thrift shopping, EB games, we make a plan to explore your interests one-on-one.

We also provide In Home Support. We have staff trained in personal care, who have a compassionate nature to keep you safe, secure and sound within your home.  

Community Garden
Image by David Clode
Adult Group Programs 

Our weekly activities are great for meeting new friends, building confidence, are great for NDIS funding. 

We have launched a mini "bowling league" at Zone Bowling Capalaba on a Monday.  We break free, every Wednesday and set of on a "mid week adventure". Our beautiful Group Leader Roz, hosts an arts and crafts day on a Friday. 

Please see our calender below for our up and coming activities

Link to Calender

Adult Group
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